Equipment Shed removal, Long Walk Vineyard

New Equipment Shed

I’m excited to share news about one of our large and overwhelming winter projects – our new equipment shed. I know, this sounds kind of boring, but to us, it’s a game changer! The removal of the old sheds allow the new tasting house to enjoy unobstructed views of the Rogue Valley instead of views of old sheds and farm equipment. Basically, the project consisted of constructing a new equipment shed to house our tractors, mowers and other vineyard and orchard equipment, as well as an adjacent yard to facilitate loading fruit after harvest. A new road was also constructed to allow larger vehicles to access the equipment shed and yard.

Since these new areas are more centrally located within the property, both our farm equipment and the fields and crops they serve, are much more efficient – saving time and tractor fuel! It should allow our grapes and other crops to be loaded and delivered to the crush pad more quickly and efficiently than previously. Before this project, we needed to transport each bin of grapes, typically by tractor, up the hill to our main parking lot for loading.

The old sheds at the top of the hill were deconstructed, and the materials saved for constructing our new shed and our new wine tasting house. We’re very proud that the new equipment shed has been constructed with materials from the old sheds, and has a south-facing roof designed for solar panels.

Here are the old sheds being deconstructed:

Equipment Shed removal, Long Walk Vineyard

Here is the new equipment shed being built

The roofs of our old sheds (circa 1920) have become the sides of our new equipment shed, the wood framing is from the old buildings too, and the level, gravel floor is a new luxury we didn’t have before!

Now that the old sheds are gone, the views from the new Tasting House at the top of the hill are starting to emerge:
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