Long Walk Vineyard Tasting House Coming Soon

This summer we will officially open our new Tasting House at Long Walk Vineyard. It’s a project that’s been a long time coming, and one that we’re over the moon about! First, some history. A few years ago, we began to sell our wine at a tasting room onsite and adjacent to our existing farm stand. While the experience was truly authentic, it left much to be desired. Things like modern plumbing, heating and air conditioning! Thus began the Long Walk Vineyard Tasting House project.

Because this property has been farmed for over 100 years, the existing infrastructure was designed for a different era – an era with mules and wagons. We needed to rethink the roads, parking areas and outbuildings. We needed to plan for an eventual onsite production winery. We involved winery architects who specialize in this kind of planning. The result has met all our expectations. Not only do we have a roadmap for the future – and a future winery building, we have been able to repurpose an existing building (wood shop) into our new Tasting House.

The new Tasting House has been built using as many materials from our old (and now deconstructed) outbuildings as possible. The back and front bar are made with steel siding and wood from an onsite building that originally housed farm animals. The bar top is made from wood from that same building. The Tasting House porch was constructed using repurposed wood from the old onsite packing shed. Lighting fixtures from the old wood shop were redeployed to other orchard buildings, and we were able to donate many items – like old windows – to Habitat for Humanity.

See you this summer at Long Walk Vineyard Tasting House!

Long Walk Vineyard, Ashland, Oregon


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